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CSR project building a patio at Samrong school

Improve the facilities and the lives of local school children by partly sponsoring and completing a one time project.


The children's school in Samrong village Siem Reap is in need of many new facilities. The focus right now is to improve the environment outside around the school by building a new concreate patio and a welcome sign to the school at the entrance.


Click following link for more information about CSR team building activities in Bangkok.


The area which needs a patio is around 220 square meters and is very dirty in the dry season when wind blows dust and sand into the school buildings and the sand becomes an orange gluey mud in the rainy season.


The school sign needs to be erected at the entrance to the school, mounted on 2 wooden poles, the sign board can be designed and painted by the participants. No children are present during the construction however it may be possible to meet them at the end of the event.


The Schools requirement is for an organisation such as yours to partly sponsor these projects ,lay the final tiles , install the sign and present to the school to complete the project.

CSR project building a patio at Samrong school

  • This one time CSR team building event is suited to a small or mid sized group of 20 to 60 participants

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