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Catapult slingshot activity

Master the art of using a handheld catapult to shoot at targets and score points for your team.


In catapult sling shot competition, participants use a traditional hand held catapult made from wood to shoot at targets. Targets are set up using empty cans or  bottles and they fire using the slingshot with pebbles aiming to down as many as they can within a set number of shots.


The game is competitive and can be a one person challenge or a team challenge. The winner is the team who hits the most cans. This activity is great as part of our outdoor ATV adventure, Jungle walk rally or evening party game themed event.

This team building activity is suitable as one of many stations in a ATV adventure challenge, as part of a jungle walk rally or orienteering trek.

Catapult slingshot activity

  • This fun and entertainment team building activity is suitable for all group sizes groups.

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