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Cocktail making

Learn the secrets and skills of a top bartender and make fabulous cocktails.


Learn the secrets of making fabulous cocktails from expert bartenders and then take up the challenge to recreate the exotic drinks!


Participants observe how to make a series of classic cocktails from the master bartender. They need to study and learn the art of garnishing and appearance, muddle and shake and flavour building so they can recreate the drinks in their team.


Then they split into their teams and using the skills they have observed work together to cut and slice fruit, decorate glassware, shake the cocktail shaker then finally pour their drinks before adding the final touches and present for judging.


Our judges access the appearance and taste of the drinks as well as overall team work and table hygiene before awarding points per drink. The team that makes the best cocktails is the winning team and can celebrate by drinking their creations!

Cocktail making

  • This team building activity is best for groups of 20 to 80 participants

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