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CSR event at Samrong Village

A meaningful team building experience in one of Cambodia's most hospitable rural community


Our last group to Samrong Village was with Atlas Copco (68 participants) on 13th January 2018. The mission was to refurbish the school fence, paint the playground and build benches for the children to sit on. The group before installed a water pump and the very first group financed the solar panels on the roof. Samrong village is our first choice when it comes to CSR (Cultural Social Responsibility) team building activities in Cambodia, yet there are hundreds of rural communities nearby Siem Reap who still lack the very basic facilities: Access to fresh water and electricity, garbage disposal and school facilities. Educating the children and solving the plastic pollution problem remain two of the most challenging issues we are working on right now. Are you planning your upcoming CSR activity or a corporate outing in Siem Reap? We are delighted to take you one of Cambodia's most hospitable rural communities. And why not having a dinner in a local setting, after you have finished the CSR project? This will be an unforgettable team building experience.

CSR event at Samrong Village

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