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Shine with Line in HCMC

A low carbon CSR scavenger hunt around Ho Chi Minh City.


The shine with line scavenger hunt outdoor race around the city is a meaningful team building activity due to its low carbon and CSR elements. 

The start and the end of the event is inside a meeting room while the larger part of the event will take place outdoors around the city. 

Before the start of the event each team shall receive a mobile phone. Communication will go through the LINE app, and teams must hunt for clues, take pictures along the race, complete meaningful and philanthropic tasks and visit some of HCMC’s most breathtaking tourist attractions.

Teams collect points by completing the challenges and submitting their pictures and videos through the LINE app, and the top 3 winning teams shall receive a prize.

Teams travel independently through Ho chi Minh city by public transportation, and teams are rewarded for saving CO2, selecting the most carbon friendly mode of transportation and by completing philanthropic tasks and challenges.

Shine with Line in HCMC

  • Some of the activity challenges are meaningful and serve a good cause, and by completion, teams shall receive points. These activities are specifically designed for Ho Chi Minh City.

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