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Flame Tree ǀ Delonix regia

The Flame Tree is one of the world’s most beautiful flowering trees. The individual flowers, which look sort of like orchids, are also strikingly beautiful. At peak bloom, a flame tree’s crown will be full of these blazing orange or red flowers.


Although Wikipedia states it is an endangered species in the wild, the IUCN list shows "least concern".


It is widely available to grow as an ornamental tree around the world. The flowering season is March and April.


If you live in a grey city, with cars and concrete all around you, you will not only do something good for the rural community, but also recharge your energy by helping us to growing this tree.


With yourd donation, we will plant more than one tree with the certainty that minimum one species survives for at least 30 years.

Flame Tree ǀ Delonix regia

  • The Flame Tree is native to Madacascar, however, introduced to Thailand and South-East Asia a long time ago.

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