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Board Game Trivia

Test your teams product skills with this amusing and giant board game trivia.


Board game trivia is truly a Beunite creation, from start to finish. It is unique and no other team building company has so far come up with a clone.


It started as a request for a country quiz, which was successfully implemented. Later the concept was extended to product knowledge, changing the questions from country specific to product knowledge (based on the client’s specific request).


Delegates are split into small teams (perhaps 4 to 6 per team), and each team chooses a board piece. The board piece can be a mascot, or a physical product delivered by the client.


Each team rolls the dice, moves their board piece and depending on the number, moves their piece forward.


Depending on the field, the team must answer a question, is rewarded or penalized.


During emotional rollercoaster ride, teams howl when being penalized and jubilate when answering the questions correctly. Frantic cheers break out when the board piece passes the finishing line.

Board Game Trivia

  • Objective is having fun, competitiveness, product knowledge or learning about the country, depending on the setting the client selects.

The product name is the name of the event, in bold above the download button.

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