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Beyond the Mask

Beyond the Mask is a wonderful party theme, perfect for an awards ceremony, gala dinner evening or farewell celebration to conclude your team building. The event begins with teams creating their own unique masks by decorating them with colourful feathers, glitter, ribbon, costume jewellery and more!


Participants are encouraged to be as creative as they wish, aiming to conceal their identity from others. Masks must be worn through the party evening. Next teams compete to win tokens in fun party games throughout the evening. Popular activities include Karaoke surprise, Giant Paper tower and Thai fair stall walk rally concluding with Limbo Rock 'How low can you Limbo'.


Teams get tokens for every game they win. Finally the team masks are judged and tokens counted before annoucing the Masquerade Ball winners who share a team prize.

Beyond the Mask

  • This party dinner theme is suitable for mid to large group sizes from 80 to 300+ partcipants.

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