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Raft Building

Explore your building and design skills by constructing a bamboo raft from scratch


Delegates are split into smaller teams and each team receives some bamboo, inflatable truck inner tubes and ropes.


The challenge is to build a raft from bamboo to support the entire team.


Teams first brainstorm their design, then draw their design in the sand, and later execute their plan with precision and speed.


What an opportunity for employees to step up and show their building and design skills. And what an excitement for the entire team to find out that their raft actually holds and doesn't break apart.


It can swim with up to 8 people on top. This creates team bonding and a feeling of accomplishment. 

Raft Building

  • In this exercise, executives step out of their comfort zone, pull together and accomplish something they have never thought was possible. This creates team spirit and a sense of purpose like "We can do it!"

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