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Human Knot

A short team building activity encouraging problem solving skills.


Human Knots is an ideal ice breaking, getting to know each other activity to start any event, with laughter and smiles!


n this disentanglement puzzle, teams first formed groups of circles, then they put in their left hand into circle and held the hand of the person opposite them, next they closed their eyes and then put in their right hands with the instruction to grab another hand when the felt a grasp.


Finally, they opened their eyes to find they were all tied up in knots! The aim was to try to unravel each other from the knotted circle and form one group circle or smaller circles which were not knotted, by climbing over and under each other and making their way outside of the knot.


This activity created plenty of laughter, made everyone communicate by trying to solve the problem and helped to bond the group together and break the ice in each team.

Human Knot

  • The objective is physical touch which results in building trust, problem solving and getting to know each other.

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