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Human snake

Teams need to keep their snake together and reach the finish line first


Human snake is a hilariously funny Ice breaker energizer or cool down activity, ideal for getting your team  spirits going at the start of your event! It requires a high-degree of body contact and is recommended to be facilitated indoors only.


It encourages breaking down the ice among participants, trust, fun and laughter. First, participants choose one person, ideally a light female, who is the “human”. Then all others form two straight lines, facing each other and holding hands, representing the “snake”.  The chosen person (the human) must stand at one end of the line, and fall backwards (face up) and is caught and lifted up by the people standing in line.


People then must move the “human” from the beginning of the line to the end of the line without any help by the “human” herself. This results in a bit physically demanding work, but laughter and giggle by the participants. It also requires a high degree of trust from the “human” towards his & her colleagues, who represent the snake.

Human snake

  • This team building activity is suited for groups of This team building activity is suited for groups of 50 and above

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