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Bangkok Ice Bath Immersion and Breathing Workshop

The Ice Bath Immersion Program teaches young leaders on how to pay attention to their breath, release stress and to step outside their comfort zone. 


Many people in the so called "exhaustion economy" suffer from stress, burnout, anxiety, fear and depression. 


Not only top level executives but increasingly middle managers and rank and file staff suffer from an unhealthy work environment, ever increasing and difficult to attain targets and KPIs, a stressful workplace and unemphatic bosses. 


When the body is exposed to a lengthy amount of stress, mainly unhealthy stress, shallow breathing is the consequence. In the first part of the workshop, during the breathing exercise, participants are taught important breathing techniques, such as belly breathing.


When the body is exposed to very cold temperature, the body goes into shock mode, and shallow breathing is the consequence. During this exercise, participants learn to control their breath when stepping into the ice-cold pool, and their body releases an incredible amount of adrenaline and other feel-good chemicals in their brain. This strengthens the participant's immune system to stress, anxiety related illnesses and viral and bacterial infections. 


Participants who show a tendency to take the lead in this exercise, to help and support others, to overstep their fear and to step out of their comfort zone easily and without hesitation, may be able to take on important leadership roles in your organization in the future. This will be pointed out in the debriefing by a professional coach.


It is noted that workshop is conducted with the utmost care towards safety standards and participants are gently pushed, but not forced to their breaking point. See more under the chapter safety precautions. 


All participants leave the workshop re-energized and full of confidence.

Bangkok Ice Bath Immersion and Breathing Workshop

  • During this exercise, participant learn how to control their breath and to step out of their comfort zone. 

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