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Team building activity with giant lego blocks

This fantastic building and design activity allows participants to show creativity and innovation in their designs.


Based on children's Lego sets, these giant blocks form the backbone of this fantastic building and design activity.


Teams are set the challenge to either recreate an image or come up with their own design concept reflecting a core value, a vision or company mission statement or a structure reflecting their organisation.


Divided into groups, teams plan their designs, then put this to the test as they race to rock with block to present their image. The sheer size and variety of colours means that its possible to make almost any design and this team activity can be included as a backdrop or an activity to a product launch or conference introduction or gala dinner celebration.

Team building activity with giant lego blocks

  • This team building game is recommended for small to medium-sized groups and ideal for a duration between 45 and 90 minutes.

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