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Building a change team

How to get the most powerful people in your organization on board of your change coalition.


90% of change efforts fail because important people in the organization do not sufficiently support your change efforts.


It is not a trade secret that change is impossible to achieve unless the head of the organization, the CEO, the president and the division heads plus another five, twenty or fifty people are active supporters or your change efforts.


Building a strong committee, consisting of not only powerful people in your organization, but also people with vision, leadership and strong relationships to the rest of the organization is important.


Your task force must be capable of analyzing your business effectively, designing smart strategies, making fast decisions and implementing your change effort with precision and speed.


In the process of implementing your change, teamwork becomes an inconceivable asset and a common vision and clear alignment of your most important goals is paramount.

Building a change team

  • Building a change team may take anything from a few weeks to a few months, depending on your preparedness, the degree of acceptance of change within your organization, the number of external partners and quality change consultants you work with, and the urgency of your case.

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