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Picasso Masterpiece

An artistic approach to communicating vision effectively as part of your organizational change program.


The Picasso masterpiece is a must-to-do-activity in any organizational change program. This is the opportunity for the management to communicate their new vision, refined mission or important values to the rest of the company by drawing a visual.


Before the event, and under the guidance of a Beunite consultant, the client will discuss the message they want to deliver and how to incorporate this message into a visual. The visual is drawn by a famous local artist and the final visual is called the Masterpiece (original artwork). The original artwork is cut into smaller pieces creating a puzzle.

During the event, each small piece of the artwork is handed out to the team, after they have successfully completed a photo clue. The team must create a perfect replica of the original masterpiece on large canvas, using acrylic color. Each team usually completes 3 or 4 pieces of the original artwork.


The most important aspect of the event is once all teams have finished their painting, which they then must put together correctly (like a puzzle) to re-create the original masterpiece. The new masterpiece is then put on the walls with pins for teams to marvel at. A feeling of accomplishment and joy fulfills the room.


The debriefing consists of the facilitator skillfully eliciting the deeper meeting of the message and how the company as a whole must change in order to achieve this new vision.

Picasso Masterpiece

  • Prior to the event:
    •  Discuss organizational change effort and vision, mission or values that need to be communicated.
    •  Drawing the artwork.
    •  Creating picture clues and how they can fit into the change effort.
    •  Dividing delegates into teams.


    During the event:
    • 08:00 Ice breaker
    • 08:10 Teams hunt for 1st photo clue
    • 08:20 Teams paint first canvas.
    • 08:40  Teams hunt for 2nd photo clue.
    • 09:00 Teams paint second canvas.
    • 09:20 Teams hunt for third photo clue.
    • 09:30 Teams paint third canvas.
    • 09:50 Coffee break.
    • 10:05 Teams hunt for forth photo clue.
    • 10:15 Teams paint forth canvas.
    • 10:25 Teams assemble the new Masterpiece.
    • 11:00 Teams hang up Masterpiece on wall, joint effort.
    • 11:20 Debriefing on the deeper meaning of the message.
    • 11:50 Cool down activity.
    • 12:00 End of event. 

The product name is the name of the event, in bold above the download button.

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