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Pattaya Tents Beach Party

Create you very own special party themed tent, design the concept and invite your collegues in for a party!


Participants are set the task of creating and making their own party themed tent and hosting an activity during an evening dinner, gala awards evening or closing ceremony. This is a full day event which begins in the meeting room with a presentation of ideas and concepts.


This is followed by a brainstorming session where teams come up with their theme and draft their design. Next they receive a budget, a map and list of shopoing locations. They have 2 hours tro head out into Pattaya, locate and find the decorative items they need to create their theme.


After lunch at the hotel teams focus on deveoping their concept, building up their tent designs and creating themed csotumes,accessories and party tent activities which they will entertain their collegues.


By 5pm, the tents must be ready for final judging by our judges and before the eveing commences, teams need to elect a spokesperson to present their tent concept before the doors are finally opne for delegates to have a great beach tent party evening full of fun!

Pattaya Tents Beach Party

  • This party dinner theme is suitable for mid to large group sizes from 80 to 300+

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