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Pattaya city Discovery challenge

Explore Pattaya city and unravel the hidden secrets of its daily life and culture.


Pattaya city Discovery challenge is a fantastic cryptic clue amazing race activity where teams get to explore this lively resort, see its main attractions and landmarks, whilst travelling local style.


Participants explore local shrines and temples, exotic food stalls and busy markets and give a helping hand to locals to find answers to questions to reveal this bustling areas secrets. Starting at your hotel teams receive their set routing and challenge instructions.


Each team travels a set route and their aim is to answer questions, complete tasks and score as many points as possible.


Teams have 3+ hours to visit as many locations as possible and return to the start point. Answers are verified by teams sending pictures of the correct location and where the answer is by telephone.


The team which scores the most points wins the Pattaya city Discovery challenge.

Pattaya city Discovery challenge

  • This explorers team building activity is suitable for group sizes from 20 to 100 participants.

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