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Ring Stack

Ring stack is a fantastic team building activity where teams use trust and communication to guide throwers to lean to place the rings.


In Ring Stack, participants are divided into teams of 6 to 8  and play for two rounds. The first round focuses on trying to achieve the highest possible team score, mastering the lean technique and supporting the thrower. In round two, throwers are blindfolded and the team has to use more communication and teamwork to guide each thrower to reach the rings.


By putting trust in your team you can lean far and achieve a high team score. This activity is great as a short energizer, part of our indoor charity for parity program and ideal for our competitive outdoor sports day hurray outdoor team building event at a hotel or on the beach.

Ring Stack

  • This game is suitable for groups of up to 40 participants split into four teams (6 to 10 per team) and can be adjusted for teams of a larger size.

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