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Siem Reap PassApp Amazing Race

Discover Siem Reap culture and life whilst using the cool pass app to travel local style


Siem Reap pass app Amazing Race is a fantastic team event whereby participants get to explore local culture and life and travel by Tuk Tuk around the city. Teams race to complete as many challenges within the allotted time focusing on real life and culture.


They explore local temples and shrines, experience traditional Cambodian arts and crafts, make a delicious local snack,  and provide a helping hand to a local and more in this race to the finish. Teams use the Tuk Tuk pass app to book their travel to locations and use LINE to communicate with each other.


They also have the flexibility to choose other modes of transport and barter with local tuk tuk drivers. The team that completes the most challenges and locations and reaches the finish first wins the Siem Reap Pass App Amazing Race.


Follow the link for more information about Siem Reap Pass App amazing race.

Siem Reap PassApp Amazing Race

  • This adventure team building event is recommended for small to medium-sized groups in teams of 6 up to 56 participants

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