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Tower of Hanoi

 An intelligent team puzzle to encourage problem solving, planning and execution.


In tower of Hanoi, teams are given a unique problem to solve: To move a pyramid of blocks from one side of the playfield to another, by using three designated areas. Some important rules must be obeyed.


Delegates are encouraged to assign roles, such as runners, problem solvers and communicators based on their skill sets.


The strategy of each team is reviewed systematically in the debriefing.


The Tower of Hanoi conundrum can be played as part of a fun team building setting or in a more serious learning-oriented organizational change program. It is an essential activity in the “The foundations of a high performing team” program, a one-day workshop with the objective of building trust in the team.

Tower of Hanoi

  • Delegates develop their problem solving, planning and execution skills. Participants also learn how to deal with unexpected changes to a plan and to keep calm in stressful situations.

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