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Water Balloon Volleyball

An amusing yet competitive team building activity to encourage fun, togetherness, and team spirit.


In Water Balloon Volleyball, delegates are split into different team and each team plays according on a pre-set schedule.


Three pairs typically play on the court against each other. Pairs must catch and throw the water balloons with a towel.


A team scores when the balloon hits the ground in the opposing team’s court and rules are simple and easy to understand for everybody.

Teams experience great feeling of accomplishment when catching the balloons and scoring points and a win is not seldom accompanied by explosive laughter and jubilation.

This team building activity can be a standalone event or as a round-up of a beach Olympics or survivor theme.


An event venue with a flat lawn or beach is a prerequisite to play this game.

Water Balloon Volleyball

  • This team building activity encourages fun, competitiveness and team-bonding.

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