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Muay Thai Boxing Challenge

A short, action-packed and physical challenging Thai boxing activity.


This Muay Thai Boxing challenge is an interactive team building exercise usually as part of a scavenger hunt or Bangkok Amazing Race on public transportation.


When teams arrive at the local gym, they first follow the instructor of the teacher to do the Wai Kru (a warm up exercise) after which they learn the basic kicks and punches.


Each team must complete various physically engaging exercises and must collect points along the way. After completion, they must continue on their journey.


The Muay Thai boxing activity can also be organized in the local hotel's ballroom like in our Bangkok Klong Amazing Race activity or as a standalone team building event.

Muay Thai Boxing Challenge

  • The objective is to have fun, experience local Thai custom and at the same time pull together as a team to overcome challenging obstacles.


    If Muay Thai boxing challenge is part of an Amazing Race, then teams must collect points by completing various Muay Thai exercises.

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