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A non-verbal team building activity to encourage strategy, risk-taking, communication and leadership.


In Minefield, delegates are split into teams of up to twenty with the objective to cross the maze with all team members, one at a time.


To achieve this, teams must agree with each other how to communicate non-verbally. Once the right path through the minefield has been determined, there is relief and a feeling of accomplishment.


However, team members who have successfully crossed the maze must return to the start when another player makes the wrong move, which usually results in laughter and giggling.


This team building exercise can be played competitively (2 teams against each other) or as a training exercise, one team against the clock.


The trainer observes the players throughout the activity and asks delegates to critically discuss team performance in the debriefing.


Minefield is a strategic team building activity and it is used in leadership development courses and organizational change workshops.


  • Minefield activity encourages risk taking, non-verbal communication, team support, leadership and change management.

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