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Spider Web

Participants must help each other to climb through a giant spider web without touching the strings.


Teams stand in front of a giant spider web, and  objective is as simple as it is fun. All members of the team must climb through the web, without touching its threads.


The first and last person in the group is the most difficult to get through as there is no person from the other side to support.


Upon completion, spontaneous group cheer emerges and participants are overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment.  


Creativity, out-of-the-box thinking and risk taking is required to solve the problem. Spider Web is an ideal ice-breaker activity, or as one station in a Walk-Rally, Amazing Race or Sport's Day Hurray Challenge.


Spider Web is also a suitable experiential learning activity to simulate team problem solving and creative thinking. 

Spider Web

  • If played in a competitive format, the objective is to be the first team to get all members through the net. If played in a collaborative or learning or development format, the team's problem solving skills is analyzed and discussed in the debriefing.

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