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Wall painting

Wall painting is a great CSR activity for corporate groups to be creative


Leave a leasting impression on the walls of a local school or village building. Help to renovate and redecorate a facility by painting walls and ading your company designer touch to the wall.


Teams are set the task to paint a wall based on a pre selected topic which adds decoration and education in the design. Teams first plan their concept and split into to designers and painters.


The designers make the outline, sketch it onto the wall, the painters select the colours and then paint the design to its specifications. This activity is ideal for visually illustrating an eductional message, portraying a CSR concept or just for fun decoration with childrens style cartoon characters and animals with your company stamp of approval added to the painting.


Click following link for more information about CSR team building activities in Bangkok.

Wall painting

  • This team building activity is best for groups of 20 to 60 participants

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