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Watanatum Cultural Challenge

Discover real Thai culture and lifestyle in our fascinating Watanatum Thai Cultural team building event Challenge


Fascinated by Thai culture, why not introduce your team to real Thai life with this exceptional cultural team building event in the comfort of your hotel. Teams experience local lifestyle and learn new skills in our Watanatum cultural challenge.


Learning from locals,delegates compete over a series of Thai cultural stations which include art and craft, food, traditional Thai dance and music, Thai language and more.


Participants are shown how to do, make and perform each task and then aim to recreate the task to the best of their abilities.


Teams receive points for each challenge. The team with the highest points total wins the event.

Watanatum Cultural Challenge

  • This cultural team building event is suitable for groups of 50 to 120 participants. Smaller and larger groups can also be catered for.

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