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Leadership team development program

A fast-paced, interactive and inspirational executive workshop based on the principles of Lencioni's the Five Dysfunctions of a team.


In this team building and experiential learning workshop, executives will have the opportunity to assess their organization’s overall health, effectiveness, strategy and alignment. Team development activities are incorporated in discussions related to the client’s real business issues, so participants never feel as though they are doing just a theoretical exercise. 

Leadership team development program

  • During the workshop, executives....

    • gain a thorough understanding of the expectations and challenges in building and maintaining a high-performing team, 
    • analyze the organization's KPI's, 
    • assess and make immediate progress in overcoming their team’s potential dysfunctions, 
    • review and modify the organization’s direction and ensure alignment exists among the team, 
    • leverage internal communication efforts to ensure alignment throughout the organization,
    • evaluate the effectiveness of team meetings, 

    After the workshop, your executive team will....

    • have clarity on their goals and objectives, 
    • have a clear understanding on what behavior strengthen and weakens the team, 
    • be re-energized and inspired to work in teams, 
    • show high commitment and accountability to execute their goals. 

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