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This picture shows Atlas Copco Group on during their Bogor outing in Indonesia in January 2015.

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Are you planning a trip away from your office, a meeting, a company excursion, a team building event or a workshop or a study trip? Then this section is for you. 

Whether your objective is developing your corporate culture, improve the spirit and motivation of your workforce, or simply to give something back to your dedicated and successful employees, our company outings are always fun, easy going, engaging and highly memorable. 

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What is the purpose of a company outing or offsite?

The purpose of a company outing may be depending on your occasion and company culutre. We would seperate outings into 3 types: 1. MICE Many companies organize yearly kick-off meetings, whereby delegates from different countries meet in a chosen destination, typically for meeting, busienss strategy but not uncommon for team building, socializing and getting to know each other. 2. INCENTIVES Some companies reward employess for outstanding performance with a fun trip abroad which may include some team building but often it is purely leisure and sightseeing. 3. TEAM DEVELOPMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE In order to develop team culture in your organization and prepare your worksorce for the changes ahead, your company may plan to take a specific department for an outing. This may be the top executives, but it may be the rank and file, such as the sales department or the operations department. This includes socializing, developing a team culutre, managerial and leadership skills and sometimes technical skills training.

What destinations do you offer?

For entire offsite packages including accommodation, we currently offer Thailand and Cambodia. However, our team is working hard to include other destinations in our cataloge. We offer team building activities in all countries in South-East Asia.

Dont we pay more if we book accommodation with you?

When it comes to packages, sometimes it is cheaper to book with us, but usually you pay the same but if you book with Beunite, you get an added on service. We always break down the cost for each service element (transportation / hotel / food) so please give it a try and feel free to request a secons quote from the service provider directly. You may be able to book the hotel directly and hire Beunite for team building activities only.

Do you offer full on event management services?

Sometimes we do, it depends on the requrements. When it comes to meetings, social activities, team builidng or training work-shops, we are the expert. When it comes to shows and entertainment, there may be a partner company that we would recommend.


our packages

It takes dedication, care and finesse to select the best hotel or resort in any destination for our offsite packages. And that's exactly what Beunite does. Beunite offers only a selected few hotels or resort per destination. We have partnerships with hotels that fit our team building purpose best, that is highly accommodating, with a friendly and courteous touch that is different and unique and that can surpass our customers expectation towards a successful company outing.  We are not going for the cheapest, not for the most design exquisite not for the biggest brand and not for the hotel that offers highest commission. 

Our offsite packages include accommodation, transportation, meeting arrangement, team building or training, social activities or sightseeing, and all meals. Should you choose a destination or specific resort that is not listed below, we are happy to organize the team building or training part for you.