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Assertiveness, Listening, and Persuasion with Fun

In this half-day team building workshop, participants build quality relationships through practicing assertiveness, listening and persuasion skills.


Assertiveness, listening and persuasion are fundamental communication skills. Becoming more assertive means being able to express ones thought more clearly.


Being a better listener means higher emotional intelligence which improves relationships inside and outside the work environment. And being able to persuade others is a prerequisite for every upper manager or business leader in the 21st century. 


These three skills are packaged together into a fast-paced, funny and thought-provoking team building workshop. The theory is put into practice with legendary team building games and debriefed by our charismatic facilitator. 


Participants have a good time, improve relationship building and acquire the necessary skills to be promoted to supervisor, department head or manager in the months ahead.

Assertiveness, Listening, and Persuasion with Fun

  • During the workshop, participants are...

    • learning about themselves and their peers,
    • improve emotional intelligence, 
    • building quality relationships with their team mates,
    • motivated by fun, interactive and engaging team building activities, 
    • having fun and a good time.


    After the workshops, participants will be able to...

    • stop, pause, and listen first, 
    • understand others better,
    • clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings, 
    • being able to effectively persuade others within their team.

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