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Team building group building bicycles

Welcome to an exciting team building event where we build bicycles in the lively atmosphere of Phuket!


In this special gathering, we combine the fun of working together with being generous to the local community.


Set against the energetic background of Phuket, groups will go on a journey of working together and teamwork, putting together bicycles from the very beginning.


For companies looking for an experience outside the office, whether it's team building or meetings in Phuket, there's a chance to really connect as a team.


Build strong connections and make lasting memories against the unique Phuket backdrop.


This hands-on experience not only supports good communication and problem-solving but also shows how important it is to work together to achieve common goals.


In the heart of Phuket, where modern and traditional things come together, the Team Building Event is not just about putting bikes together.


It's about making connections, creating memories, and, most importantly, building a better future for those who need help.


As teams work together on these pedal-powered wonders, they are also creating a strong foundation for their teamwork and the community they are helping.


Come and join us in this special event that brings together team building and charity in the wonderful island of Phuket!

Bicycle building in Phuket | CSR team building | Charity for Parity

  • The goals of this charity event in Phuket, where we build bicycles, are manyfold:

    • Most importantly, it wants to create a feeling of being part of the community by giving bicycles to those who need them.
    • At the same time, it wants to make strong connections among team members. This happens when everyone works together, making the experience meaningful and impactful for everyone involved.
    • Working towards a shared gola improves collaboration and cameraderie. 

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