Grow your own microforest

With Endangered Trees you have the opportunity to not only plant your own tropical forest, but also visit it and help taking care of it.


With your donation, land that is not used for farming, or land that is already partly forest, is purchased on the foundation's name and turned into a microforest for life.


Your forest comes with a fence to protect the trees from livestock and a large sign post with the donor's name.


The visitation of your forest is organized by our foundation.


For price enquiry, please contact us.

Grow your own microforest

  • We plant trees that are either native to South-East Asia, or introduced to Thailand a long time ago, so not to disturb  the local ecosystem.

    We plant trees that not only are excellent absorbers of Co2, but also endangered species, like Rosewood, Teak, Agar, Embony, Amboya and the Rain Tree.

  • We usually plant sapplings about one to two years old, but some tree species, especailly the most endangered ones, we have to grow from seeds.

    If we plant sapplings, it takes about 5 years for the barren land to turn into a real forest, and after ten years, your forrest will be dense and look like a tropical jungle.

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