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Pattaya Survivor Beach Challenge

Take up the challenge of being beach Survivors.


Pattaya Survivor beach is a fantastic adventure team building event themed on the infamous TV show. Teams take on the role of survivors and compete in a series of mental and physical challenges aiming to win rewards for their team and ultimately immunity!


The event begins with teams creating their camp and tribe identity, then they take on the other tribes in survivor style games including catapult, code crackers, Puzzled Tangram, Tug of war and a fun final water based relay challenge.


Rewards come in the form of gifts for winning a challenge such as food and drink, extra equipment and for each challenge necklaces are awarded to the leader.


Teams that under perform go to tribal council to review their performance and change their leader.


The team with the most necklaces at the end takes home the Survivor idol and team immunity!

Pattaya Survivor Beach Challenge

  • This adventure team building event is suited to small and mid sized groups from 20 to 80 participants

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