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Team Bonding Ocean Day Hurray

Enjoy a great day on the beach with Ocean Day Hurray Pattaya at View Mare beach club.


Ocean day hurray is a fantastic water based beach team building activity with fun team challenges. All the activities are themed on water and in each game teams compete against each other for points aiming for as many first places as possible.


The event begins with creating your team identity, team dance and chant followed by team energizer (jump).Then teams take part in up to 6 water themed challenges. The activities include Team banana boat, Kayak or Paddleboard Slalom race, Water Catapult, Water balloon volleyball, Dive the letters and Water relay race.


All activities require full participation by everyone in the team, to be competitive and achieve the best result. The team that wins the most points takes home our Ocean Day Hurray trophy and medals.

Team Bonding Ocean Day Hurray

  • This competitive team event is suitable for all groups up to 200 participants.

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