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Body painting

Body painting is a fun, engaging and interactive team building activity as part of the Amazing Race or a larger theme night or company celebration.


Beunite organizes local artists to paint symbols, pictures or slogans on any part of the participant's body.


Body painting can be organized as a booth for a company celebration or theme dinner, and thereby participants can frequent the booth at any time during the night. They can choose the symbol they like from a book or ask the artist to paint their own ideas on their body.


If body painting is just one of many challenges during the Bangkok Amazing Race on public transportation, then teams must first come up with a group cheer that represents their team and sketch their own symbol with pencil on paper.


Further, the artist shall paint the team identity symbol on the participant's body, after which they must do the team chant and record it on video.

Body painting

  • If body painting is part of a larger theme night, then the objective is to have the guests entertained with a variety of booth they can visit. Other booths that can be organized for company celebrations and events are Muay Thai Boxing, Umbrella Painting, Cocktail making, Thai cooking, Fruit carving and many more.


    If Body painting is part of the Amazing Race, then the objective is to be creative and come up with a symbol that represents the team combined with a team chant.

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