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Developing a cohesive team through conflict management

In this experiential learning workshop, participants learn how to apply the Thomas Kilman Conflict Model to develop a cohesive, happy and fulfilled workforce. 


Conflicts are everywhere, in politics, in business, and in families. Yet, every person responds differently to conflict. Depending on each individual's conflict style, some people embrace conflict and some avoid it.


But what does it mean to embrace or avoid conflict for your team and what are the consequences for your organization?


In this fast-paced, puzzling and insightful team building workshops, your team is taken on a journey from Lencioni's 2nd dysfunction over silo politics to the Thomas Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument in a fun, witty and inspiring way.


Participants will learn that every culture is unique in their response to conflict, that too little conflict is as bad as too much, and that their behavior can be the cause but also the resolution to your most pressing organizational challenges.


Getting out of this workshop, your team will be able to apply the necessary skills to develop a cohesive, healthy, and high-performing team.

Developing a cohesive team through conflict management

  • Before the start of the workshop, participants fill in the TKI conflict mode questionnaire.


    During the workshop, participants are...

    • inspired by fun, interactive and engaging team building activities, 
    • getting to know one selves and each other better,
    • learning about their own response to conflict, and
    • having fun and a good time.


    After the workshop, participants will be able to...

    • understand the difference between conflict of ideas and personal conflicts, 
    • pinpoint potetaial conflict areas within their own organization,  
    • compare and contrast different responses to conflict,
    • examine an assertive vs.. a collaborative response, 
    • apply the TKI conflict mode instrument effectively within their organization,
    • establish an organizational culture in which conflicts are effectively dealt with.

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