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Formula One Car Racing

A high adrenaline and entertaining race with powerful remote control cars ideal for team outings and company celebrations.


In this fun, interactive and engaging team building activity, delegates are split into small teams and three teams compete with each other at the same time on the track.


The team members switch after each round so that each participant has the chance to race at least once.


Stronger players may support the weaker once.


During the race, the cars must overcome obstacles, such as a sand pit, a stone pit, a bridge, a tunnel, a jump and climb over bamboo.


The audience is cheering while the cars race against time. Thunderous applause breaks out when the first car crosses the finishing line.


After the group stage, the best teams advance to the semi-final and consequent final.


The winning team shall receive a prize.

Formula One Car Racing

  • The objective is to have fun, be entertained and at the same time help each other out in order to accomplish a task.

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