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Trust as the foundation of a successful team

In this team bonding workshop, participants explore the prerequisite of a high-performing team.


Trust is a central part of all human relationships, including romantic partnerships, family life, politics and business operations. Yet, is trust something tangible, or just a feeling that comes and goes? And what is the relationship between trust and a high-performing team? How to build trust and what does it take to maintain it? 


The topic of trust widely discussed in business meetings, CEO round tables and networking events.


And business gurus,  (Stephen Covey - The speed of trust), contemporary philosophers (Robert C Hall - Building Trust) and star consultants  (Patrick Lencioni - The five dysfunctions of a team) have written stacks of books about trust.


Would you not also want to explore this mysterious predisposition of a successful team and to master the skills of building trust?

Trust as the foundation of a successful team

  • During the workshop, participants are...

    • inspired by fun, interactive and engaging team building activities, 
    • getting to know one selves and each other better,
    • opening up to one another, 
    • building trust, and
    • having fun and a good time.

    After the workshop, participants will be able to...

    • understand the difference between vulnerability based trust and predictive trust, 
    • pinpoint areas of their organization where trust should be improved,  
    • list activities to enhance trust, 
    • and come up with a master plan to improve trust once returned to the work environment.

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