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Flower Garland Making

A short and cultural team building activity traditional to South-East Asia.


In flower garland making activity, the instructor shows how to make a flower garland with various local flowers, such as Crown flowers, Orchids, Chrysanthemum or Lotus.


Each member of the team must make their own flower garland while creativity and innovation is rewarded. One of the objective is bringing the local culture closer to our MICE delegates and corporate team building groups.


If Flower Garland Making is one of the activities in the Bangkok Amazing Race, then teams travel to the market first and must purchase the flowers of their choice with the budget given to them prior to the start of the event. 


This activity is also in the agenda of the Bangkok Klong Amazing race, in which the activity takes place indoors in the meeting room.

Flower Garland Making

  • The objective of this handy-craft activity is to experience local culture and to have fun and bond with your team. As part of an Amazing Race, teams must show creativity and cohesiveness and are awarded with points.

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