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Relationship building and team bonding at Sampran Riverside

Sampran Riverside is an excellent location  for a relationship building and team bonding program.


With a wealth of on site Thai cultural activities to participate its perfect for building relationships with colleagues whilst taking part in the activities. Select from a full range of Skills programs focusing on relationship building including as trust as the foundation of a successful team, devloping a cohesive team and increasing accountability workshops. These porgrams are designed to bring your team closer together through interactive activities and workshop exercises.


This resort has as a variety of meeting venues, outdoor garden space and dining, and we recommend concluding with a themed dinner party evening to reward your team's achievements.


This package includes accommodation, transportation, cultural team building games, or relationship building activities and themed dinner evening.

Relationship building and team bonding at Sampran Riverside

  • This group package is suitable for mid to large sized  groups from 40 to 250 people.

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