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My Crazy Farang Boss

A full-day team building and organizational change workshop to encourage intercultural intelligence and leadership.


Do you think it is necessary for your workforce to understand other cultures better, to develop cultural understanding and cultural intelligence?


This work-shop is for all South-East Asian organizations who regularly interact with foreigners and who intend to train their workforce in intercultural leadership.


My Crazy Foreign Boss – Developing Effective, Intercultural Relationships is a dynamic, one-day training program that enables Thai, Cambodian or Vietnamese managers in international organizations to understand and interact more effectively with their foreign bosses, colleagues, customers and stakeholders.

My Crazy Farang Boss

    • 09:00 Workshop introduction and ice-breaker.
    • 09:00 Discovery – Small group discussion/Debriefing
    • 09:30 Cultural Empathy Activity/ Debriefing
    • 10:30 Break
    • 10:45 Culture 101 (Putting culture in perspective)
    • 12:00 Lunch
    • 13:00  Warm-up Activity
    • 13:15 Cultural Dimension 1> Learning & Activities
    • 14:00 Cultural Dimension 2> Learning & Activities
    • 14:45 Break
    • 15:00 Cultural Dimension 3> Learning & Activities
    • 15:45 Cultural Dimension 4> Learning & Activities
    • 16:30 Role Play
    • 17:00 End of Program

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