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Pattaya Market Challenge Activity

Teams explore Pattaya's markets facing a variety of team challenges.


Teams explore different markets around Pattaya facing a variety of team challenges which focus on bartering, creativity, observation and negotiation skills. At each location they are set a team task which they need to complete within the allotted time and aim to score as many points as they can.


The challenges include bartering for souvenir items at Pattaya floating market, visiting an every day food and fruit market and buying the heaviest weight of fruit possible within the budget provided, searching a large bric a brac shop that sells anything and everything for items to create a unique Thai table decoration and seeking out a shopkeeper who has a special item waiting to be purchased.


This great team bonding event is a fantastic way to experience the city, local life and give a helping hand to a local in the daily life and appeals to groups looking for a negotiation and purchasing style team building event.

Pattaya Market Challenge Activity

  • This art and culture team building activity is suitable for all group sizes from 20 to 100 participants

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