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Puzzle it out Pattaya group activity

Piece together the Pattaya city puzzles, reveal the hidden locations. Explore the spots and seek out the Pattaya Treasure!


Puzzle it out and reveal the hidden secrets of Pattaya City in our fast paced Pattaya Treasure Hunt. Beginning with a large Pattaya puzzle, teams piece it together to unravel the locations.


Next they identify the places, plan their route with only a map and head to their first spot. Hidden within each location picture is another image which they need to seek and send a team photo of using the mobile phone provided.


After finding the item, teams receive a surprise challenge by mobile phone in the form of a cryptic clue, a question or a team task to complete which they need to record by photo or video before heading to the next picture location.


During this Pattaya scavenger hunt, participants explore discover local culture, experience local life and explore attractions, aiming to reach the finish line first and claim the Puzzle it out Treasure!

Puzzle it out Pattaya group activity

  • This team event is fine for all group sizes and recommended for groups of 20 to 80 participants

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