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Who is Beunite - Team Building?

Beunite is the largest, most trustworthy and professional team building events company in South-East Asia. From outdoor adventure team building events to organizational development work-shops and destination management services, Beunite offers custom made consultancy and tailor made programs for the MICE industry and human resources. Together with our trusted partners, we aim to build the world’s largest online inventory of team building, organizational development and corporate training work-shops.


What can we do for your Teams?

Our online platform offers a convenient way to search for team building events and organizational development work-shops by destination, event type, learning objectives and pricing. Our clients, many of them fortune 500 companies, have the choice of booking the team building events & work-shops online and customize it to their needs with Beunite after the booking. From our head office in Bangkok Thailand, Beunite and its strategic partners conduct team building events in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka

What type of team building events and workshops does Beunite offer?

Organizational development

Organizational development includes corporate training courses, executive workshops and management consultancy. It also involves executive outings, quarterly off-sites, strategy meetings and leadership coaching.


Treasure hunts and walk rallies

This is most likely one of the most popular type of team building events. It includes exploring fascinating tourist attractions, solving riddles and clues and going through mind-boggling challenges along the way. It is typically done by mini-vans, off-road trucks, public transportation, on foot, by bicycle or by segway.


Any team building events that take place outdoor and are physical in nature fall under the adventure type classification. This includes all types of survivor challenges, team outings in national parks, trekking, white water rafting, canopy and zip-line adventures or treasure hunts on ATVs.


Design is an activity category which typically includes learning a new skill from scratch. Making a movie, sketching costumes for a fashion show, building a paper tower, sand sculptures, snow men or igloos. They all have one thing in common: Planning and workmanship.

Art and culture

Any type of team building event that encourages artistic creativity such as cooking, dancing, drawing, sketching, modeling can be found in this category. Top chef, a fun and interactive cooking-competition is one of many events classiefied as Art and culture.

CSR and environment

Cultural social responsibility is not only a buzzword, but taken seriously among many executives. Donating bicycles to local charities, school renovation projects, community building, tree planting, beach cleaning, coral reef or mangrove rehabilitation are examples of CSR team building events.


Technology has risen in popularity in recent years. Our Tablet treasure hunt, Quizzical or Investigation fall under this category. Drone building and flying competition as well as all kinds of virtual reality team building events will go under Technology.

Ice breakers

Ice-breakers are short and interactive team building activities typically scheduled prior, in between or after a meeting or conference. Between ten minutes and two hours in length, Ice breakers can change the mood of an entire conference, increase motivation and encourage attention span, focus and concentration.

Destination management packages

Team building packages that are typically longer than one day and include more than one element are under this category. Examples are the organization of entire meetings or conferences which may include team building or destination management services, such as hotel bookings, transportation and catering.

Theme events

On one spectrum, theme events may be party games to lighten the mood of the audience, while on the other, it may include conceptualization and execution of an entire theme event, product launch or company celebration. This may include room rental, catering, stage decoration, arrangement of photographers, videographers, motivational-speakers, musical and artistic performance.

Featured Team Building Events