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How to develop a team with a purpose?

Is the term team building so overused that it has lost its meaning? Has team building become a buzzword and a cliché for executives to brag about in management meetings? Or has team building simply become a modern word for sightseeing trip?

The reason the term "Team Building" has become semantics, is that is has been freqently used by the MICE industry (or meeting industry) for upgrading their meeting package. What before was called a sightseeing tour is now referred to as a team building event. However, it doesn't have to be that way. At Beunite, we combine city exploration and team building in a meaningful way.
For many companies, attending a corporate offsites or company outings once a year is an opportunity for all employees to meet, from CEO to rank and file. Yet many confuse offsite meetings with team building. At Beunite, we do it right, we build teams away from home with meaningful offsite packages. Every major company has a budget for cultural social responsibility and the temptation is to combine CSR with team building. Yet not every CSR event is also team building and not every team building CSR. At Beunite, we ensure that our partners receive fair support, while at the same time rise awareness for environmental issues and ensure that that the client can build their team from the bottom up. Team building becomes particularly meaningful in your offort to build the workplace of tomorrow; a modern, healthy and people-centric organization. A workplace with no politics, where your workforce is intrinsically motivated and empowered to work in teams. As part of your organizational change efforts, team building is significant. We hope we can accompany you on your exciting journey to develop a team-focused work environment.




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