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Who is Beunite - Team Building?

Beunite is the largest, most trustworthy and professional team building events company in South-East Asia. From outdoor adventure team building events to organizational development work-shops and destination management services, Beunite offers custom made consultancy and tailor made programs for the MICE industry and human resources. Together with our trusted partners, we aim to build the world’s largest online inventory of team building, organizational development and corporate training work-shops.


What can we do for your Teams?

Our online platform offers a convenient way to search for team building events and organizational development work-shops by destination, event type, learning objectives and pricing. Our clients, many of them fortune 500 companies, have the choice of booking the team building events & work-shops online and customize it to their needs with Beunite after the booking. From our head office in Bangkok Thailand, Beunite and its strategic partners conduct team building events in Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka

Beunite's team building destinations in South East Asia

Team building in Thailand

Thailand, the land of smiles, golden shining temples, unique Buddhist history, beautiful countryside and stunning beaches has it all and more for corporate incentive groups looking for an ideal location for their conference, business meeting and team building event in Thailand!
With ever improving infrastructure, Thailand affords the MICE visitor a fabulous choice of accommodation, meeting venues and team building locations for a variety of Beunite programs. Read more...

Team building in Singapore

Singapore is a unique city state situated nicely on the southern tip of Malaysia. Once considered no more than a stopover to somewhere else, Singapore has emerged as a destination on its own. The Lion City is home to more than 6 million people, making it one of the largest populated city states.  Singapore has evolved from a small fishing village, most likely founded by the Chinese, to a thriving metropolis with tantalizing food, history, and a booming nightlife. Singapore has been influenced throughout history by the Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, and the British. Since being released from British influence in 1965, the city has overcome many obstacles and become a popular tourist, MICE and team building destination. Read more...

Team Building in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous region located on the Southern coast of china. The territory covers an approximate area of 1104 km2 , borders Guangdong province to the north and South China Sea to the south.
The special administrative region of China is home to 8 million people, with the Hong Kong City being one of the highly populated metropolises in the world.

Team Building in Malaysia

Malaysia has a population of about 30 Million with stunning locations for tourists to visit. Visitors love to travel to this tropical country due to the cultural and scenic diversity. Within Malaysia, visitors can actually get the experience of seeing two completely different countries in one amazing package.
One half of this country is filled with busy cities, fascinating architecture and large plantations. The other half, known as the Malaysian Borneo is a jungle location with breathtaking diving and so much more. 

Team Building in Indonesia

Indonesia goes by the official name of the Republic of Indonesia. It is the largest island country in the world with regards to the amount of islands, having over 14,000 islands.
The estimated population found in this amazing location is over 255 Million, making Indonesia the 4th most populous country and the most populous country with a Muslim majority. The island of Java has about 51% of this country’s population.

Team building in Cambodia

Cambodia, a country of only 15 million inhabitants and is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing and fascinating destinations to travel to. Located between Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia has a dark history of civil war and genocide and was therefore not long ago unthinkable for travelers to visit. Yet, in recent years, Cambodia has developed in something like a hip-destination first for backpackers, then for package tourists and now for MICE and corporate travelers.

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