Hong Kong is an autonomous region located on the Southern coast of China. The territory covers an approximate area of 1104 km2, borders Guangdong Province to the north and the South China Sea to the south.


The special administrative region of China is home to 8 million people, with the city of Hong Kong being one of the most highly populated metropolises in the world.


Deep, dazzling and stunning natural harbours, great oriental cuisines, a combination of maritime, rural and urban environments all in the same region, as well as its beautiful skyline makes Hong Kong one of the most stunning places to visit in the world.

Introduction to Team Building in Hong Kong

Hong Kong FAQs

When is the best time to travel to Hong Kong?

The period between the second week of October and December is the best time to travel to Hong Kong, the duration boasts of comfortable weather in terms of temperature which range between 21 to 30 degrees centigrade and room rates are quite reasonable. This is the best period for MICE travel or learning and development. After the New Year festivals, despite the fact that the temperatures continue to soar, there are more people, especially the Chinese tourists are visiting Hong Kong for leisure. Due to a surging demand for hotels, prices increase, resulting in a more expensive trip for team building and other related activities. Planning for various activities between October and December, will mean spending less in terms of hotel prices but at the same time the teams will enjoy more of outdoor activities as the temperature are comfortable. While summer may be described as the best time to travel in Hong Kong, the place is stifling hot and humid, it is also the period when there are a lot of Chinese holidays, a period when the hotel prices soar. Should you plan to visit Hong Kong in the European summer month, go for an indoor organizational development program. Temperatures are comfortable in spring, when many visitors avoid the region due to rain and fog. Spring may also be a perfect time for corporate travel and team building activities but should you plan to take photographs at particular sites, you may be disappointed as they may not be as clear as you may expect due to heavy fog that often sweep Hong Kong in springtime. Prepare a rain jacket should you go for a Hong Kong Amazing Chase.

What are the flight connections to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Airport is the leading gateway hub in Asia and one of the busiest in the world, it is known to serve more than 47 million passengers. There are more than eighty five airlines operating in the airport, serving different routes across China, Asia and other parts of the world. The airport is the primary hub for airlines such as Hong Kong express, Dragon air, Hong Kong Airlines, Cathy Pacific and Air Hong Kong. Corporate travel is best with non-budget airlines, yet budget airlines become more and more popular. Air Asia is a reliable carrier to travel from South-East Asia, while Jetstar connects destinations as far as Perth (Australia) and coming from the Philippines, Cebu Pacific may be an option. Dragon Air is the best low cost carrier to connect Hong Kong with many destinations in China. A learning and development trip to Hong Kong is a great experience; the region has a lot to offer in terms of rich culture, great facilities and attractive sceneries all which will make team building a memorable activity. To enjoy it fully, one needs only to select the best time and at the same time choose activities in full consideration of the weather and other important factors.

What is unique about Hong Kong?

Due to its strategic location, Hong Kong is a great getaway for Chinese firms to organize training and development programs for their employees. Hong Kong has a great infrastructure, one of the most extensive subway system in the world and therefore relatively low traffic congestion compared with destinations in China. This makes Hong Kong one of the most attractive MICE destinations in Asia. Once a British colony, Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city with lax visa regulations (except coming from China) which makes it attractive for international travellers. What many people don't know is that Hong Kong has one of the best preserved natural environment of any city states in the world. An excellent public bus service connects down town with Repulse Bay and Stanley Beach. But it is on Lantao Island that visitors may feel like on a different planet. Narrow winding roads lead up the hills to Nong Ping, a hill a great look out with a Buddhist monastery. Unspoiled environment, clean air, and great off-road mountain biking trails await the outdoor team building enthusiast just 45 minutes travel from Hong Kong's city center.

What are the most recommended team building events in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has much to offer in regards to organizational development, indoor or outdoor team building. If you are looking at strengthening your executive team, brush up your corporate vision and mission statement and or deal with conflict within your organization, we would recommend the organizational heath program the Five dysfunctions of a team. If you struggle with a rather uncreative, unassertive and unparticipative workforce, or want to improve meetings and decision making, consider the Six thinking hats work shop, great to bridge the gap between executives and rank and file staff. For the MICE traveller, we recommend a Hong Kong Amazing Chase program, a great way to explore art and culture of this fascinating city. For the outdoor adventure type of executive, the Lanau Island treasure hunt by mountain bikes may be the perfect change from the everyday boardroom environment. For improving technical skills like digital marketing, coding or design, we recommend our partner BDS Code and design academy.

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