Malaysia has a population of about 30 million with stunning locations for tourists to visit. Visitors love to travel to this tropical country due to the cultural and scenic diversity. Within Malaysia, visitors can actually get the experience of seeing two completely different countries in one amazing package.


One half of this country is filled with busy cities, fascinating architecture and large plantations. The other half, known as the Malaysian Borneo is a jungle location as well as a breathtaking diving location, and so much more. 


Malaysia is a country that is full of diversity, with many different ethnic groups and people of different religions living peacefully with each other. This diversity gives tourists a truly unique experience, making your excursion to Malaysia a trip of a lifetime.

Introduction to Team Building in Malaysia

Malaysia FAQs

When is the best time to travel to Malaysia?

When visiting Malaysia, you will be facing weather that is consistent and warm throughout the year. It is a tropical location that generally stays around 30 degrees all year round. There will typically be rain no matter which time of year but there are some months of year that are less rainy than others. The wet season generally occurs around November to March, which should be avoided if you are looking for outdoor team building activities for your group. If you do decide to go during this time, you may source valuable workshops or team training exercises on our online shop that occurs indoors. Even when travelling during April to October, you should expect some rain in the morning. If you intend to hold an indoor corporate meetings, you may take advantage of cheaper flights and accommodations by traveling during the wet season, scoring some luxurious spots for a huge discount.

What are the flight connections to Malaysia?

The primary airport in Malaysia is the busy Kuala Lumpur International Airport. There are two other major airports: Kota Kinabalu International Airport and Penang International Airport. There are several fantastic airlines that the corporate traveler can fly in order to get to this country. In spite of the recent accidents, Malaysia Airlines is a reliable airline with excellent on-board service. Perhaps due to the financial turmoil and loss in reputation, Malaysian Airlines offers some of the cheapest air tickets in South-East Asia for long haul flights. ( Some domestic routes like Kuala Lumpur to Kotha Bahru can be booked at as low as USD 20 for one way. These offers may be temporary and are subject to change. AirAsia is a low cost option for travel from Malaysia to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Myanmar. ( ) Malindo Air is another international carrier connecting Malaysia with many destinations in SE Asia including India, Hong Kong & Australia. Booked well in advance, a one way ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok can be purchased for as low as USD 30. ( )

What is unique about Malaysia?

There are so many unique features that Make Malaysia attractive for the visitor. Malaysia is home to one of the most comprehensive road networks in all of Asia. This is an advantage for MICE groups who depend on great infrastructure to get around by coach. In addition, KL has one of the lowest amounts of traffic jams in South-East Asia making it an attractive destination for large conventions from China and Thailand where traffic is usually unpredictable. Due to the large assortment of ethnic and religious groups found in the country, Malaysia is great for experiencing cultural diversity. As far as breathtaking locations to experience, one of the best locations to visit is the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur which used to be the tallest building in the world. These towers remain the largest of its kind in Malaysia. Another fascinating location for outdoor team building enthusiasts are the Cameron Highlands with picturesque tea plantations and cooler climate.

What are your most recommended team building events in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a hot spot for Team building events and activities. In the busy city area, there is a large selection of modern convention rooms to develop your work force on time management, creativity or leadership skills, If you are looking to organize a team building event try some adventure outdoor activitieslike white water rafting or trekking. Or you may even organize a company sports day in one of the great sporting venues in and around KL.

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